Workflow management

Despite the increasing use of production automation systems, digitalization and virtualization of processes, the main burden in decision-making still lies with the staff. The quality of education and training of personnel is the main factor in the effectiveness of its work and, as a result, the continuity of the production process.

Important criteria for assessing the training of personnel to work with automation systems are:

  • Awareness of operators in all processes at their site;
  • The speed of decision-making in emergency cases or when performing transient operations;
  • The presence of an automated activity log without human influence fixes the sequence of operations and the actions of their performers;
  • The ability of operators to work in a team in cases of multi-stage or branched operations;
  • The ability of operators to learn and pass on their experience to others.

The “VEGA PLUS” company  has many years of successful experience in working with automation systems at the enterprises of the metallurgical industry. Our specialists have their own methods of training, training and improving the efficiency of the operators of control and management systems.

Компанія Вега Плюс - Управління робочими процесами

We are ready to provide advisory services to personnel managers of enterprises and to carry out the necessary activities on the spot:

  • Develop and apply software products to facilitate operators’ access to production process data;
  • Develop and implement instructions, methodological materials, detailed action plans for operators of specific production processes;
  • Develop a system of branched access and multi-stage fuses for operations requiring the work of a group of operators;
  • To record the experience of operators and create reference and methodological materials on its basis;
  • Training and tests for staff.

JSC “VEGA PLUS” will share its experience in production and use it to improve the efficiency of your staff. This will improve the quality of products, the safety of production processes and significantly reduce the possibility of unscheduled shutdowns and emergency situations in your production complex.

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