Automation systems development

A large number of direct digital control (DDC) system owners use software solutions supplied by the equipment manufacturer. These solutions are quite universal, but cannot take into account the specifics of each project. Programming your own control system (PLC) requires high-level professionals, which manufacturing companies often do not have. And you have to adjust your equipment complexes to existing systems or abandon some of the necessary control and automation processes.

розробка систем керування - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

”VEGA PLUS” company can solve these problems due to experienced specialists who are ready to customize existing systems to the needs of a client, create the necessary applications, add-ons to digital systems, or offer their own solutions that have been successfully tested on existing projects.

The company’s specialists can create systems that take into account each equipment and client configuration. We also provide a wide range of consulting services and are ready to cooperate with the client’s specialists or contractors.

“VEGA PLUS” JSC provides the following services for the development of control and monitoring systems:

  • Project research and development;
  • Expert analysis of existing systems;
  • Customization of embedded (OEM) systems from equipment manufacturers to customer needs;
  • Creation of system solutions for solving client’s problems;
  • Flexible use of software products for the most effective integration with equipment;
  • Consulting services, basic staff training;
  • Long-term support after project implementation;
  • Expert report and evaluation of the effectiveness of the project.

Applying optimal software and system solutions to solve the problems of a particular production complex is a task that our specialists have been successfully solving for several decades. Integrate your own control and management system into your production with JSC “VEGA PLUS” and increase the efficiency and productivity of production processes.

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