Integrated solutions for production sites automation

The development of technologies, increased requirements for the safety of personnel and the environment, severe economic pressure in the conditions of global market instability require the management of heavy industry enterprises to pay more and more attention to updating production, integrating automation solutions and controlling production processes. This is not an easy task, requiring specialists with special knowledge and experience. Any renewal or expansion of production capacity is a stage with a large investment of time and money. And at this stage, wrong decisions are very expensive. Therefore, entrust the task of automation to specialists.

JSC ”VEGA PLUS” has many years of experience in the development and implementation of industrial process automation solutions in heavy industry. We approach tasks comprehensively and develop a large automation plan that includes all stages – from sensors in production areas, to control system in a manager’s office, and a data center in a cloud cluster on the other side of the planet.

Компанія Вега плюс - комплексні рішення автоматизації виробничих майданчиків

We are the conductors of the concept of multi-platform solutions and cooperate with many manufacturers at the equipment market. This allows us to create flexible solutions using the best technological advances in the industry. Our solutions meet government regulatory requirements, industry certifications, and consider the need to reduce harm to the environment and personnel. Integrated automation solutions from ”VEGA PLUS” are a big step towards increasing production efficiency and competitive advantage.

Industrial processes automation

Our company has experience with all DCS and PLC, which are now used in the heavy and processing industries. Therefore, we develop and implement solutions independent of hardware platforms, adapted specifically to the configuration of the customer’s production process.

Business processes

”VEGA PLUS” has extensive experience of working with enterprises of various sizes, equipment and productivity. We know a lot about optimizing business processes, increasing the efficiency of production and marketing of products by improving management, marketing and reducing sensitivity to external economic factors. We provide advice to help businesses develop in the right direction.

Acquisition, collection and analysis of data

The “VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience in working with data in production. We have a solution for the effective acquisition of data from sensors and devices, a methodology for the development and construction of power and data networks. We are building data centers. We have developed software products for interpreting, processing and analyzing data, and interfaces for presenting analysis results for further process management.

Business continuity support during outages, shutdowns, emergencies

The ”VEGA PLUS” company, operating in the region of a real military-political conflict, understands the risks for production associated with emergency incidents, and has its own solutions to prevent irreparable damage to the enterprise and business. We have our own principles for working with data. Properly collected, processed and stored in a secure location, data will help you recover from any incident, whether it be an earthquake, flood, fire, rocket attack or hacker attack. Production documentation, from drawings to laboratory studies, equipment data, methods, specifications, process scenarios. Software – everything that creates a production process can be securely protected and moved to a secure repository. So your development will be preserved, which can even be transferred to other production lines. With “VEGA PLUS” you will be able to resume production after abnormal events or planned shutdowns.


”VEGA PLUS” has experience in pre-project planning of industrial facilities. Our specialists make economic assessments of projects, act as consultants in the field of automation, develop and inspect automation systems at the stages of construction, installation of power supply and data transmission equipment and implementation of software and hardware systems on existing equipment, for example, when creating a feasibility study for the reconstruction of an industrial complex.

Analysis of production processes

When planning and developing automation systems, ”VEGA PLUS” specialists study the production process in detail on the basis of documentation and interviews with operational personnel. This analysis contributes to more efficient decisions when building automation and control systems for production processes.

Programming and setup

JSC “VEGA PLUS” has extensive experience in working with all modern DCS and PLC and adheres to the principle of independence from one software and hardware platform. Our specialists develop software products to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks of automating the production process. They create I/O applications, develop interfaces and solutions for collecting and processing data. Creating your own software products for a specific task increases the efficiency of the management and control systems.

Data and network security

Software apps and the data they use may be at risk of loss, unauthorized modification or distortion, theft as a result of a hacker attack, etc. The  “VEGA PLUS” company pays paramount attention to the protection of data, software products and networks in the construction of software and hardware complexes of control and management systems. We use modern methods of protection, our specialists have positively proven their own solutions. We put a lot of effort into improving the protection of systems and are ready for advice or development of optimal solutions for each client system.

System implementation

As part of the comprehensive development and implementation of production control and management systems, ”VEGA PLUS” performs all stages of building systems – from design to final testing and launch.

We are ready to provide consulting, engineering, software, construction and training assistance at every stage of creating a production automation system. Many years of experience and the availability of our own solutions allows us to provide expert-level services. To improve production efficiency, build a new industrial complex or upgrade equipment, please contact our consultants to find the best solutions.

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