Automation and integration of production processes

Each point of  the production process generates a large amount of data that is critical to the operators response. Usually such data is recorded on paper, sometimes in office programs that have features of databases (spreadsheets, electronic databases). But the presence of such databases without the possibility of data exchange between points of the production process is  inefficient solution at a time when databases have become available to all participants in the processes due to electronic networks. The ”VEGA PLUS” company, which has great experience in obtaining, storing and analyzing data, urges you to abandon paper logs and local databases. We offer modern network solutions, that allow you to optimize the process and control it from different places. We are a platform-independent company, and we can always combine solutions of the world’s leading manufacturers, building the optimal system for each client.

Автоматизація та інтеграція виробничих процесів - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

JSC ”VEGA PLUS” can improve the process of automation and production management by adding the following options to it:

  • Analysis the production process and development;
  • Design and construction of energy and data networks to allow all sensors and instruments to access the system;
  • Development and equipment of operator workplaces at production locations;
  • Development of software products, databases, data analysis and calculation systems;
  • Development of interfaces for data input-output and data access systems;
  • Training the personnel.

After optimization, operators will not need to calculate the remaining raw materials manually on a paper or write down the parameters in the local table  – the system will do it automatically. The results of the operation of many devices, instruments and sensors will be displayed on one screen, available to operators in the field and to the top manager at office in real time. Automation of production processes will speed up the process of responding to changes in parameters and thus increase production efficiency.

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