Smart Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things

Due to the development of digitalization and virtualization of industrial activities, the management of companies faces extreme challenges. This is, first of all, the need to expand and modernize the automation systems of production processes. For a long time, it was the improvement of software and the development of data networks. Now new solutions are required.

”VEGA PLUS” company is working on the automation of production processes in the metallurgical industry for many years. Our experts understand the need to develop smart manufacturing and related solutions created with the latest digital technologies. JSC “VEGA PLUS” provides consulting services to enterprise management on the use of advanced technologies in the automation of production processes.

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Our specialists recommend the following measures to improve efficiency at your production complex:

  • Expansion and complication of data sources of sensors and devices;
  • Development of up-to-date software for data processing and analysis;
  • Development and implementation of interfaces for control systems, taking new opportunities into account;
  • Implementation of software solutions based on artificial intelligence;
  • The use of cloud technologies for storage, processing and advanced data analysis;
  • The use of more “smart” devices and their integration into the industrial Internet of things.

These steps open up new possibilities. The processing and analysis of data in cloud resources makes it possible to operate from all over the world and draw conclusions that are not available in local networks. The use of “smart” devices in the enterprise network allows you to monitor and control processes from anywhere. The use of artificial intelligence-based solutions will reduce the number of staff. All this is possible today. It’s time to seek advice of ”VEGA PLUS” specialists.

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