Preparation and maintenance of production shutdown

Scheduled or unscheduled production shutdowns are a big challenge for plant management and workers at all levels on site. The timely execution of the planned work, the launch of production without errors and downtime depends on the coherence of their actions. The “VEGA PLUS” company has many years of positive experience with shutdowns and restoration of industrial complexes, equipment and devices.

обслуговування зупинки виробництва - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

We are ready to provide you with assistance in the event of a planned outage:

  • Preparation of a planned outage;
  • Analysis of the current state of the equipment and production process;
  • Building an algorithm for shutting down the industrial complex;
  • Checking the availability of documentation, protocols and programs and backing up data to prevent their loss during shutdown;
  • Carrying out routine maintenance or repair of equipment during shutdown;
  • Remote assistance or the presence of our specialists at the facility during work related to shutdown;
  • Assistance in the correct start of the production complex after shutdown;
  • Start-up and adjustment works at the facility;
  • Registration of documentation in the report on the results of the check, repair and adjustment of equipment during shutdown.

We also provide assistance during unscheduled or emergency shutdowns of complexes, equipment, and devices.

We have certain techniques for saving parameters, data, equipment settings in order to be ready for unplanned outages and prevent the loss of important data and settings. If you are planning to shut down an industrial facility, or there are forecasts regarding unscheduled shutdowns, place an order for the help of our professionals.

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Get advice on operations of production shutdown from the specialists of the ''VEGA PLUS''. company