Regulatory Compliance

Indicators of production efficiency is a positive cost-benefit ratio. The main factor of it is safety of production. Reduction of equipment failures, traumatic incidents of personnel, harm to the environment and users of the final product – these are just a few of important conditions for achieving a positive production result and advantage over competitors. All these conditions are regulated by the state, specialized institutions and public organizations that issue many regulatory documents, the implementation of many of which is mandatory for management of enterprise. Any mistake, neglect or violation of these requirements entails negative consequences up to the termination of production.

In process of designing industrial facilities, providing them with equipment, updating production management, all norms and requirements issued by regulatory authorities should be strictly observed. It needs a professional solution and there are two options for solving it:

  • to have a department that deals with compliance issues;
  • if necessary, contact professionals who deal with such issues every day.

The need to confirm compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities arises when replacing or upgrading equipment or building new production sites or when launching new products. It is inefficient to keep special personnel for this. It is better to contact specialists who have up-to-date information and experience.

відповідність виробництва нормативним вимогам - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

The “VEGA PLUS” company will do everything to correctly verify the regulatory requirements and certify processes and equipment.

  • At the first stage, our specialists will conduct a detailed audit of production.
  • At the second stage, we will create a project plan for checking and achieving compliance and certification.
  • At the third stage, our specialists implement solutions to ensure compliance with the conditions of protocols and certificates of quality and safety compliance.
  • The final stage is the verification of independent regulatory organizations.

JSC “VEGA PLUS” has many years of experience working with industrial enterprises and equipment from many manufacturers. We are ready to offer universal system solutions for automation and monitoring that meet international quality and safety requirements.

We are ready to provide the following services:

  • application of own methodological solutions for the application of current standards to the production process;
  • examination of equipment compliance, production processes, and products with international quality and safety standards;
  • conducting an audit of production before inspections by regulatory authorities;
  • design, supply, install, and adjustment of equipment that meets current quality and safety requirements;
  • installation, configuration, and updating of computer systems and software that meet the requirements of regulatory authorities;
  • development and implementation of systems for monitoring and managing production processes that meet the current requirements of compliance with international standards;
  • equipment, process, and product certification;
  • support of regulatory authorities inspections, the formation and storage of a data bank for analysis, and subsequent use by the enterprise.


We will help you ensure that your production and product comply with international standards and requirements.

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