Control system integration

The development of technology leads to changes in production processes and expands the possibilities of automation. But often factories use outdated monitoring and process control systems. The integration of new features will greatly improve production efficiency.

The ”VEGA PLUS” company will comprehensively analyze the state of automation and monitoring equipment at your facilities and give an expert opinion on improving the hardware and software. Since our company is independent in platforms for creating technical and software solutions, our specialists create a flexible system that meets the needs of customers.

аналіз та обробка даних - Компанія "Вега Плюс"
In the process of integrating automation and control systems, ”VEGA PLUS” offers the following services:
  • Design, programming and creation of data I/O applications;
  • Analysis of existing equipment and software and recommendations for updating and configuring equipment in accordance with the tasks;
  • Design, development of electric drive circuits and automation of production processes to increase their efficiency;
  • Programming I/O systems, data storage and analysis;
  • Personnel training;
  • Launch and configuration of embedded solutions in control systems and monitoring of technological actions.

“VEGA PLUS” has a methodology proven by many implemented projects of integrating automation systems into production, taking into account the development of technologies. We will help your production complex meet the new technological challenges.

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