Control system design

During the construction or deep reconstruction, the management of the enterprise faces the issue of integrating equipment, control, and monitoring systems. The partial solutions are OEM systems supplied with equipment by manufacturers. They meet the basic needs of users, but cannot be adapted to the full variety of equipment configurations, especially when they are non-standard and require a special approach to construction and customization. The way out of this situation is to develop your management and control system. Such a system will significantly increase production efficiency, as it will meet the requirements for a specific production complex.

Developing a new system is a task for professionals. And here a team with many years of successful experience and many ongoing projects that prove the effectiveness of successful operations comes to the rescue.VEGA PLUS” is a team of professionals, who made unique scientific developments and a long list of production complexes. We have special techniques for developing control systems and monitoring production processes. We approach the problem in a complex way from the point of view of the big picture. We study the entire production cycle and its technical support; for example, sources and configurations of energy supply systems, ways of transmitting information from monitoring sensors, features of the equipment, production sites, etc. Based on the study’s results, we choose the best solutions to ensure the control system’s economic, safe, and efficient operation. Specialists in the design department develop the project using up-to-date CAD systems. In cooperation with power engineers, builders, and equipment manufacturers, designers develop the architecture of the control and management system. Programmers and designers implement the interactive part of the system: dashboards for outputting monitoring data, physical and digital control panels, and interfaces for various system elements that meet the requirements of each specific equipment configuration. Builders and craftsmen carry out the installation of equipment and perform commissioning. Since ”VEGA PLUS” does not depend on specific equipment manufacturers, we integrate equipment from different brands into optimal systems to ensure flexible and efficient operation of the complex.

Компанія Вега Плюс - системи автоматизації виробництва

When developing and implementing a control and monitoring system, ”VEGA PLUS” provides the:

  • Comprehensive analysis of production facilities;
  • Designing a control and production management system;
  • Analysis and improvement of power sources and networks;
  • Creation or improvement of data transmission networks;
  • Optimization, updating, and tuning of the system tools: sensors, devices, and networks;
  • Installation and configuration of equipment;
  • Integration of multiplatform complexes of monitoring and control;
  • Development, installation, and configuration of software products;
  • Launch, set up, and evaluation of the updated complex.

With ”Vega Plus”, optimization, updating, or creating your control and monitoring system will become a convenient and effective solution for you, improve production performance and significantly increase your competitive rates.

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