Large-scale project management

Large projects, such as launching a new production complex, a new site or plant, integrating them into existing facilities or into a regional industrial conglomerate, are not only huge costs, but also large-scale engineering and design work, with high cost of errors. Such nasks needs many specialists to engage. And there are compatibility issues. Because every vendor of equipment brings their own OEM control systems. But these are standard solutions and may not be compatible with each other in any particular configuration.

Because of this, delays, abnormal situations, inappropriate operation of equipment and, as a result, additional costs and losses occur.

The ”VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience in complex solutions that allow creating universal control systems and coordinating existing systems of a large industrial facility. We are ready to join the process at the design stage to help select the best suppliers and contractors for the project. We have effective experience in planning, selection of equipment, logistics and design of construction, energy networks and data networks.

We work with different international manufacturers, so we can create a platform-independent process monitoring and control system and offer the best combination of equipment. We act as experts and intermediaries in the implementation of orders and supplies of equipment. We have experience in software and hardware equipment incompatibility negotiation in the implementation of large projects and are ready to apply it at your enterprise.

Менеджмент масштабних проектів - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

We apply the best solutions and carry out all stages of the project based on the experience of implementing large-scale projects: examination, design, provision, logistics, supply, construction, installation, development and installation of a monitoring and control system, start-up and configuration and support.

We rely on our own methodologies for designing and implementing large-scale projects, which optimizes the process and reduces risks.

How we help with the implementation of a large-scale industrial project:

  • We analyze the business idea and develop a roadmap for project implementation;
  • We carry out design and attract the necessary contractors;
  • We develop energy, computer, technological networks, input-output points, pipelines;
  • We select the optimal combination of equipment from leading world manufacturers;
  • We develop a universal monitoring and control system for all types of equipment;
  • We ensure that equipment and processes comply with quality and safety compliance certificates;
  • We carry out the construction, installation of equipment, instruments, monitoring systems and control systems;
  • We train staff;
  • We carry out commissioning works;
  • We provide support throughout the life cycle of the complex.

We are ready to build factories together!