Calibration and adjustments

Calibration and adjustment of instruments requires a lot of time and specially trained personnel. Sometimes these tasks can be performed by device manufacturer representatives or third-party service personnel.

The ”VEGA PLUS” company offers comprehensive services for setting up and calibrating instruments and equipment. We have many years of experience with the devices of many equipment manufacturers and have the appropriate certificates to service their products.

Калібрування приладів - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

Our specialists at the location of the client’s industrial facility will inspect, configure and calibrate sensors and measuring devices when production conditions change or during routine inspections of equipment. Our team will help you:

  • Check the compliance of the devices with their technical characteristics and manufacturer’s certificates;
  • Carry out inspection of power grids, data transmission networks, and pipelines, and input-output points;
  • Carry out stress tests for equipment and analyze their results;
  • Calibration of devices according to the standards of the enterprise;
  • Provide official documents on the results of the inspection and calibration of equipment for regulatory authorities.

”VEGA PLUS” will professionally check and adjust the equipment and prevent unexpected errors and failures in production processes.

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