Integrated business solutions

The development of business in the field of the heavy industry requires a broad understanding of the functioning of a particular production complex in the general context of economy, technical and scientific progress. To analyze business processes and make appropriate decisions, business experts should be involved.

A trusted company will always come to the rescue, knowing all the intricacies of your production and deeply understanding the business model in a global context. The “VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience working with heavy industry enterprises, analyzing their business processes, and has great consulting potential.

комплексне вирішення бізнес-задач- Компанія"Вега Плюс"

JSC “VEGA PLUS” will always help you with advice on the following tasks:

  • Integration of relevant scientific and technological achievements into control, automation, and production process control systems;
  • Data integration. Improving the receipt, transmission, storage, processing, analysis, and output of data, which is the result of the production process;
  • Application of economic data analysis for optimization and development of production;
  • Methodology for assessing production efficiency;
  • Integration of systems for receiving, transmitting, processing data, and control. exclusion of manual operations with data and their manual transfer between local separate systems;
  • Using modern cloud solutions and AI to analyze, evaluate and predict production efficiency in real-time;
  • Staff training methods;
  • Advanced technologies for improving the safety of production, personnel and the environment.

Also, ”VEGA PLUS” will provide support for any project to optimize production, replace, configure, upgrade equipment and hardware and software products. We are a platform independent company and work with the latest advances from a wide range of manufacturers. We always have flexible multi-platform solutions that are best suited to a specific production task. Trust us to find the best solutions for your business – from economics to mechanics.

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Get advice on an integrated approach to solving business problems from the specialists of the company ``VEGA PLUS``