Equipment installation without shutdown

If the management of enterprise needs to expand or modernize production, add or replace equipment without stopping production, it`s better to contact ”VEGA PLUS”.

We have a long-term experience in automating and monitoring production processes, so our specialists are always ready to install, calibrate, configure control systems and monitor.

монтаж обладнання без зупинки виробництва - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

JSC “Vega Plus” successfully performs the following works on the installation and configuration of equipment:

  • Analysis of the current state of the equipment and production process;
  • Construction of an algorithm for replacement, adjustment, and installation of equipment;
  • Development of hardware and software for systems of control and management of production processes;
  • Search for suppliers, equipment supply logistics, and intermediary services in negotiations and conclusion of contracts;
  • Building energy and data;
  • Installation of equipment, both on the side of monitoring and the side of control panels;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Certification of updated systems;
  • Training of personnel.

Since ”VEGA PLUS” works with many manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, we can provide flexible solutions that will work effectively at a particular facility, which will eliminate unnecessary costs.

Development, installation, adjustment of automation and production control systems are the tasks that the” VEGA PLUS” company has been successfully fulfilling for many years. There are almost no challenges for us that we cannot respond to with an effective solution. Therefore, to solve these problems, contact our professionals.

We are always open for contact!

Get advice on the installation of equipment without stopping production from the specialists of the ``VEGA PLUS`` company