Equipment maintenanace

In order to carry out maintenance of equipment on the production site, it is often necessary to stop production. This entails downtime, loss of time and money. In addition, an increase in the periods of operation of equipment without maintenance leads to wear and tear of equipment, deterioration in product quality, an increase in the consumption of raw materials, etc.

But if the service is planned and prepared in time, it is possible to prevent losses, and sometimes even refuse to stop the production complex. The “VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience in the development and implementation of systems for monitoring and managing production processes. We provide consulting services and carry out maintenance planning based on the experience of our specialists.

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To carry out optimal maintenance of equipment, JSC “VEGA PLUS” applies the following steps:

  • Studying the production process in detail;
  • Develops a maintenance plan for equipment;
  • Stops the equipment, if necessary;
  • Maintains, updates, calibrates and configures devices;
  • Conducts staff training if there has been a change in equipment or control system;
  • Carries out the launch of the complex;
  • Analyzes the data generated by the updated system and compares it with the previous ones;
  • Creates a report on the analysis of changes in the efficiency of the complex.

Maintaining, updating, repairing or adjusting equipment is a usual job for our specialists. By entrusting maintenance planning to us, you will reduce your costs for this essential procedure.

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