Virtualization of command and control systems

In addition to the fact that any equipment has deadlines for use in terms of depreciation, it also has terms of relevance. Now, when there is an explosive development of technologies, primarily digital ones, many systems that have been working for decades are becoming obsolete technically, morally, and functionally.

A reasonable decision would be to replace the equipment with a modern one, but often the equipment, instruments, and control system are very closely connected at the stage of building a complex and their replacement requires a serious restructuring of the production site. This system works, but it does not allow development, scaling up processes, and increasing production efficiency. Is there a way out of this situation without additional investment and time and resources?

JSC “VEGA PLUS” offers process virtualization services. Existing legacy hardware solutions are digitized and integrated into modern systems. As a company that works with many hardware and digital products from different manufacturers, ”VEGA PLUS” can create virtual solutions for any complex.

Віртуалізація старих систем керування - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

What does it mean?

  • Existing outdated or inefficient hardware and electronic solutions, which cannot be replaced, are emulated and integrated into modern control and management systems;
  • New and outdated solutions can exist side by side in the same system, for example, when one unit works on old equipment, and the new one on the current one, but they are guided by the same system;
  • Scaling of production and equal inclusion of equipment of different levels into one system becomes available;
  • The cost of staff training is reduced, now it is enough for him to learn the skills of working on the current system, despite the features of the equipment;
  • The resulting increase in production efficiency.

How can ”VEGA PLUS” help?

  • Design, configure and test a virtual hardware environment for your production facility;
  • Make a complete monitoring of your equipment and draw expert conclusions about the necessary updates in accordance with your needs;
  • Select, supply and license the necessary equipment;
  • To configure the hardware of the system and create the necessary software products, taking into account your needs;
  • Train staff to work with a virtual control and monitoring system;
  • Maintain, update and improve our products and equipment during the support period.

Our specialists will develop a virtual control and management system, which will include all types of equipment – both the latest and those that have worked since the pre-digital era. Such a system can be updated in line with new technological and digital advances in the market, and will ensure that your production is relevant, more efficient and worthy of meeting all the challenges of rapid technological development. Your equipment will continue to work for the benefit of production without additional investment.

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