At a time when more and more processes are transferred to the virtual space, and production operations require more and more calculations, the issue of secure data storage becomes the most relevant. The solution for secure storage and processing of data is independent data centers. You can save current information in real time, as well as save backups. They can also be used in remote and distributed computing centers.

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Data centers have the following advantages over conventional desktop computers in production control rooms:

  • Independence from the territorial energy situation. If there is a sudden power outage, your data will remain intact;
  • Independence from technogenic accidents. If an accident occurs at work that damages or destroys computer equipment, your data will remain intact;
  • Carrying out calculations outside the production location. You will not need to invest in powerful computer equipment in production – all the necessary calculations can be performed at the facilities of the data center;
  • Receiving, calculating, storing, and transmitting data over the production network. All your data from different production facilities and sites will be processed and stored in a secure place;
  • No need to hire or train system administrators and IT specialists at production sites. All work with calculations and data analysis, as well as maintaining computer equipment in working condition, is carried out by data center specialists;
  • The ability to create a network for a link of enterprises, a production cluster across a region or an industry as a whole, and distributed calculations for a large amount of data.

The ”VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience in creating, configuring and maintaining the operation of data storage and processing centers. We offer the creation of computer networks, the construction of data transmission channels from sensors to devices and control panels and to data banks. Our specialists develop communications in PLC and SCADA systems using up-to-date protocols. We also conduct an expert analysis of the existing system for transmitting and storing and processing data and form recommendations for improving, updating and developing systems.

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