ERP-system integration

The absence or insufficient quality of resource control leads to large losses and may threaten the loss of competitiveness. To improve production efficiency, the management of the enterprise needs to integrate an up-to-date resource planning system into production. Such a system will automatically track many factors that directly or indirectly indicate the state of resources, for example, the amount of raw materials or finished products, the number and efficiency of personnel, logistics issues, etc. If properly configured, the system can take into account even more factors that affect the state of production, such as product quality, energy use, waste, etc. This will contribute to better production planning, prevent shutdowns due to a lack of raw materials or an excess of finished products.

The “VEGA PLUS” company has been working with automation systems for production processes in the metallurgical industry for many years. Our specialists have extensive experience in the creation and implementation of accounting systems, statistics and data analysis of production processes.

Компанія Вега Плюс - Інтеграція ERP-систем

We provide consulting services for the implementation of ERP systems that will suit your specific production process. This is possible due to our independence from one software and hardware platform. We can combine the best solutions to create a flexible system for your production facility. Due to our consultations and developments, you can get the following advantages over your competitors:

  • Replacing paper workflow with automatic digital solutions; They have greater accuracy, exclude personnel errors, are convenient for generating reports and documents for regulatory authorities;
  • Processing and analysis of production process data, as well as archiving and storage of such data for further in-depth analysis;
  • A system that will automatically solve many problems – from monitoring the state of stocks of raw materials to building a logistics architecture for the movement of finished products;
  • Economic bonuses from the optimization of personnel and more careful management of the resources involved in the production process;

JSC “VEGA PLUS” has methods and experienced specialists who will develop and implement an ERP system that will control your production and allow staff and management to focus on other important tasks.

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