Processes monitoring

Complex production processes require constant improvement of the knowledge and skills of the staff. This implies constant education of workers and advanced training of managers of production units. But extreme global social and economic challenges lead to the constant migration of workers. Thus, the enterprise loses qualified employees and the development of the production process.

Therefore, the way to preserve the intellectual capital of an enterprise is to invest knowledge in the process itself, that is, make it automated, comply with the latest technologies and methods, and keep it up to date. To do this, there are teams of professionals who are constantly developing their knowledge base, solutions, and technologies.

JSC ”VEGA PLUS” is the one of most successful companies. Our specialists-scientists, who have an outstanding theoretical background, constantly update their knowledge and are ready to apply it to solve any problems. Engineers have an extensive database of technical solutions based on existing projects, which can be flexibly implemented in any production. Our technicians have the right mix of resources, parts, and tools to install and configure the right science and technology solution based on invaluable and well-documented experience.

контроль виробничих процесів - Компанія "Вега Плюс"

We use these up-to-date protocols to provide services to improve the monitoring and automation of our customers’ production. It include:

  • General assessment of the production process;
  • Measures for indirect and direct control of processes;
  • Energy saving measures;
  • Personnel optimization measures;
  • Measures to improve production safety;
  • Quality control measures;
  • Personnel basic training system.

Based on protocols that have proven their effectiveness, our specialists will develop a standard control and automation system or create a unique solution for a specific client equipment configuration.

JSC “VEGA PLUS” provides consulting services on process monitoring systems, and also carries out the whole range of works on installation, configuration and maintenance of such systems.

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