Industrial Information Security

At a time when more and more processes are going virtual, and large software systems are managed by artificial intelligence, the issue of cybersecurity becomes critical. Even in such traditional industries as metallurgy. Everyone knows that a Trojan virus entering the internal network of an enterprise can not only transfer confidential data to attackers, but also grant them the rights to control equipment. And a ransomware virus can block the operation of the entire enterprise. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of threats to computer systems. Interception and distortion of data from sensors to control systems, industrial espionage, theft of financial information, deliberate destruction of equipment by intercepting control – all this can be caused by an ordinary operator who has simplified his life by changing the access password to a primitive one that was easily picked up by a thief. The problems with cybersecurity in enterprises where security protocols are missing or not working properly boil down to a few main reasons:

  • The absence or primitiveness of the system for restricting access to the network, equipment, control systems and information;
  • Lack of personnel password control system;
  • Lack or inadequate level of encryption systems;
  • Absence or inadequate level of network segmentation;
  • Inadequate system of work with backup and data storage;
  • Lack of local “digital fortresses” for critically confidential information.

Industrial digital security requires a comprehensive approach to address these and other possible challenges. The “VEGA PLUS” company has many years of experience in the development and implementation of systems for monitoring and managing production processes. Our specialists pay great attention to information security. We have developed information security protocols that we implement when creating management systems. We also have our own software solutions based on recognized world security systems that allow us to avoid the main threats to computer equipment and networks.

Компанія Вега Плюс - Промислова інформаційна безпека

JSC “VEGA PLUS” can help:

  • Provide consulting and methodological assistance to the enterprise security service;
  • Implement an extensive system for accessing network users;
  • Develop and implement an automatic system for generating, assigning and updating passwords, key tokens and RFC codes for personnel;
  • Conduct an audit of the network, computer equipment for vulnerabilities and eliminate them;
  • Implement digital security protocols for their implementation by staff;
  • Develop and implement a secure segmented computer network, a system of anti-virus applications and firewalls;
  • Develop and implement local “digital fortresses” for critically sensitive data;
  • Design and implement secure data centers and plan for data backup and storage.

Comprehensive work to implement the protection of digital information includes many stages, but these are necessary measures for the safe operation of the industrial complex and the preservation of important information. Neglect of such means can lead to catastrophic loss of funds and damage to production, personnel and the environment.

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