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    Our company has more than 35 years of experience in the successful development and implementation of local automation systems and automated process control systems at various ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises.


    Our experts have in-depth knowledge of process technologies. They are the authors of 46 patents and copyright certificates of the USSR, have more than 160 scientific papers.


    Safety is the main criterion for production efficiency. Our solutions are built around the highest level of safety for personnel and the environment.








    Our specialists developed automation systems provided into production in 9 countries.''VEGA PLUS'' LLC provides consulting services to clients in many countries around the world.
    Компанія Вега Плюс - лідер розробки та впровадження систем автоматизації виробництва

    A complex approach
    of the ''VEGA PLUS'' company to the implementation of projects

    Our work on projects of any scale and complexity consists of simple steps
    • 1

      Development of a project implementation strategy

      Detailed analisys of the customer's production process. Creation of a strategic plan. Development of project documentation.

    • 2

      Building an automation system

      Inspection, research and updating of equipment and of energy and data transmission networks, building an automation system for an industrial complex or production site.

    • 3

      Commissioning and certification

      System start-up, setup, calibration and instrument certification. Basic staff training, creation of methodological materials.

    Vendors of Platforms

    The company 'VEGA PLUS' cooperates with leading manufacturers of equipment. Therefore, we do not depend on one platform and design flexible solutions based on the best equipment to meet customer needs.
    ABB - партнер компанії "Вега плюс"
    Advantech - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    Allen Bradley - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    General Electric - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    Phoenix Contact - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    Schneider Electric - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    Siemens - партнер компанії "Вега Плюс"
    Emerson - партнер компанії "ВЕГА ПЛЮС"


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