Automation system migration

Migration of the production process to new equipment is what top managers of any enterprise try to avoid. But the technical process does not stand still and the need to upgrade equipment is dictated by new inventions, changing standards, and increasing the efficiency of competitors’ production. If the manufacturers of your equipment are ready for all these changes, this is a good case. Their experts will help you to upgrade. But if your vendor does not have effective solutions, then a team, that works with platforms from many manufacturers and combines them in the best way, will help you.

One such company is JSC ”VEGA PLUS”. We work with equipment from world-renowned manufacturers: Schneider Electric, Siemens, GE, EMERSON, ABB, Allen-Bradley, and others. We deeply study their experience and scientific and technical solutions. Our professionals develop combined systems, where equipment from different manufacturers is used for high-efficiency solutions, as well as for solving specific customer problems.

Therefore, we can offer the best configurations for upgrading equipment and achieving higher production efficiency. Our solutions will improve your production capacity for decades to come. The versatility of the choice of equipment manufacturers ensures that we do not lobby for the interests of a particular brand for application in the enterprise, but find the most effective combination of components and methods for the sake of the client. Hardware migration is a complex process that requires extensive study and configuration.

інтеграція систем автоматизації- компанія Вега Плюс

JSC “VEGA PLUS” goes through the following stages when solving the issues of migration and equipment renewal. They can be segmented, and each of them is applicable separately depending on the needs of the client and the configuration of his equipment.

  • Development of a plan and estimates for migration to attract investors and plan budgets;
  • Analysis of the production process and the necessary equipment;
  • Collecting data and finding ways to optimize processes;
  • Development of a system-technical solution;
  • Delivery, installation, and equipment setup;
  • Conducting tests and collecting data after movement;
  • Analysis of changes in production efficiency after migration to a new system;
  • Basic training of the client’s personnel;
  • Long-term technical support and warranty service.

During the migration procedure, VEGA PLUS specialists are at the client’s production site for consultations, work, personnel training, and system maintenance during the commissioning phase.

We can update and improve the equipment of any complexity and provide not only an increase in the efficiency of the client’s production but also a long-term advantage over competitors in the industry.

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